Hawaiian Hemp Farm

Our Rare Hawaiian Hemp

In sticking with using premium, rare cannabinoids for all of our products, our rich and complex full spectrum CBD extract comes from a 10-acre, sustainable OTCO/USDA certified organic hemp farm on the Hawaiian island of Kauaʻi.

Hawaiian red dirt, year-round sunlight, fresh air, rain and trade winds create the best climate in the world to grow hemp. The Kauaʻi farm nurtures the native microorganisms in the soil so that it doesn’t have to use any pesticides or harsh chemicals.

The farm is powered by the sun using solar panels and all water will soon come from a natural well hundreds of feet below the soil, therefore creating a fully off grid process.

Hawaii has always been known for its world-class agriculture, primarily in sugar cane and pineapple – with sugar mills still dotting the landscape of the islands. While the vast majority of sugar and pineapple have since been moved to other countries, hemp will hopefully fill the gap.